Eichler Map

Eichler Map

There were 11,000 Eichler Homes that were built from 1949-1974 and 4 new Eichlers built from our plans in Palm Springs CA and in Austin TX since 2014. Our sales team can tell you where all of the custom Eichlers are and also where other Mid-Century Modern homes are in the Bay Area. Some owners choose to keep these special gems off of the open market for only the right buyers through our network. They know our clients are specifically searching for this style of home and will preserve the beautiful architecture.

Burlingame Eichlers

Mills Estates
Atwater Dr, Hunt Dr, Mariposa (Ct and Dr), Frontera Way, Capistrano Way, Tiburon Way, Dolores Way Built around 1963-65.

Cupertino Eichlers

Fairgrove - about 220 homes (click for map)
Fairgrove, Shadygrove, Miller, Hyde, Brookgrove, Ferngrove, Tantau (northside), Bollinger (north of Tantau), Willowgrove, Phil (some on east side), Stendhal Lane, Disney Lane.
Built in the early 60's, mostly Jones & Emmons.
Roughly bordered by Bollinger to the south, Miller to the west, Phil to the north, Tantau to the east.

Built around 1960-61.

Foster City Eichlers

Bay Vista
Puffin Ct, Pelican Ct Crane Ave, Loon Ct, Sandpiper Ct, Widgeon St, Egret St, Gull Ave, Stilt Ct, Turnstone Ct, Sanderling St

Treasure Isle
Matsonia Dr, Constitution Dr, Eliza, Chryopolis, Lurline Dr

Marina Point
Yawl Ct, Schooner St, Barkentine St