Eichler Home Plans

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Eichler Home Plans from Modern Homes Realty

These Eichler home plans are updated to present day structural engineering, created by a licensed California structural engineer. Original home plans are digitally redrawn in Autodesk/AutoCAD .dwg format in order to comply with local building codes. We hold the exclusive license to reproduce all of the Anshen+Allen and select Claude Oakland plans to current code and sell them for $10000 each. These are the real things, not knock offs. We hold true to the principles Joseph Eichler wanted for affordable housing and making them available to anyone. These plans are not modified at all except to today's building code. We provide 80% of what would be required to pull the permit. What this doesn't include is any finishes or site specific items. These are design sets for the shell of the home. Please email us for more information or to order your own plans- plans@modernhomesrealty.com

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