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Passion for exceptional architecture, particularly mid- century modern design, guides and fuels our firm.

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About Monique Lombardelli

Monique Lombardelli
CEO, Broker

I understand that buying or selling your home can be a very tiring, emotional but also rewarding time. In my 15 years of sales experience, I’ve found that helping people solve problems and achieve their goals and dreams is what truly drives me and gives me a profound sense of accomplishment.A great realtor must offer integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge as well as top people and negotiation skills. In today’s market, all of this may not be enough. In addition, I offer expertise in harnessing the vast power of social networking to help my clients meet their real estate objectives. With the help of social media, I can quickly and effectively market your home to thousands of house-hunting prospects.

To provide my clients with the best services, I have a team of professionals working with me ranging from mortgage consultants to inspectors. I also use my marketing background to create dynamic advertising campaigns using all of my resources and Web 2.0 skills to draw attention. It would be my pleasure to help you along the way with your real estate needs.

Our Team

Modern Homes Realty have broken sales records in all of our target geographies by offering above-and-beyond real estate services. Our mission is to sell your property to the highest and most qualified offer each and every time.

Modern Homes Realty focuses on strategically marketing your property to emphasize every unique detail and provide buyers with a refined vision for their potential new home. Our team at Modern Homes Realty has extensive experience with staging all types of Mid-Century architecture and we know exactly how to make your property stand out. To entice the best buyers to provide you with premium pricing, Modern Homes Realty offers compelling videos which go beyond standard virtual tour imagery and set a new standard for real estate, putting you inside these lovely homes. We will provide our local and international buyers with aerial video tours of the property highlighting the classic and historical architecture from a unique perspective.

Modern Homes Realty specializes in Modern homes and they know exactly what aspects of these houses need special attention where no other team in the Bay Area offers a more specialized and personal service than Modern Homes.

Chris Fisher
Sales & Operations Manager | Realtor
Kimberly Legg
Creative Director | Realtor
Jeff Moore
Sia Shahrestani
Julie Hadidi
Tom Sylvia
Designer for Buyers and Developers
Andrew Corpuz
Video Production for Listings
Rodney Mackay
Marketing & Design Manager
Joe Chames
Transaction Coordinator

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Chris brings a wealth of knowledge from his real estate experience. Being raised in the Mid-Peninsula has given Chris the unique experience of witnessing first-hand the amazing growth of his hometown and its surrounding areas.

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Jeffrey Stafford Moore comes to Modern Homes Realty with a wealth of knowledge from the investment and "flip" industry of real estat. He has experience managing flips and also finding great opportunities for buyers to invest. Jeff loves the outdoors, surfing, spending time with family and travelling to Costa Rica.

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Julie Hadidi comes to us from Keller Williams with a wealth of marketing knowledge. Her huge network and professionalism sets her apart. She is a self-motivated professional with over fifteen years of marketing experience in a variety of industries including software, storage, biomedical and semiconductor. With her strong ability to quickly understand the “big picture” and develop an action plan while not losing sight of the details, plus a solid qualitative and quantitative analytical skills & comfortable in communicating effectively at all levels and different audiences... Undoubtedly, Julie is your Realtor!